Armida (6a696c6c) wrote in ontd_touchdown,

Happy Sunday!!

Who are you rooting for today??

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Go Ravens! I was rooting for Detroit until they won (couldn't believe it, first time they are 3-0 in over thirty years!) Also rooting for my Cardinals and have my Larry Fitzgerald shirt on.
Detroit has really been impressing me!
Loved the ravens bouncing back today. What a debut by Torrey Smith.

- Drew Brees is amazing. ('nuff said)
I've been sick and slept through the Vikings game (maybe for the best). For other teams, I'm glad for the Bills though. Not so much the Jets... wtf?
Sanchez is like the opposite of Romo. He is shitty in the first 3 quarters then turns it on in the 4th quarter.

And, its not going to help that Sanchez is going against Baltimore next week.
I was rooting for my Saints! Even though I was stuck at work for the entire game, I had my trusty clock radio plugged in and listened to it. :D